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What does CBB mean on a capacitor?


Capacitors are essential components in electronic devices, offering storage and release of electrical energy. Among the various types of capacitors available, one marking that often perplexes enthusiasts is "CBB." In this article, we will delve into the realm of capacitors and shed light on the meaning and significance of "CBB" as it pertains to the fascinating realm of polypropylene film capacitors.


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Unveiling the "CBB" Code:

When you come across "CBB" on a capacitor, it signifies that the capacitor is a "Polypropylene Film Capacitor." These capacitors employ polypropylene film as the dielectric material, which serves as an insulator between the capacitor's plates.


Advantages of Polypropylene Film Capacitors:

1. High Capacitance and Efficiency: Polypropylene film capacitors, including CBB capacitors, exhibit high capacitance relative to their size. They can store a considerable amount of charge, making them efficient in energy storage applications.


2. Low Energy Losses: CBB capacitors featu re low dielectric losses, ensuring minimal dissipation of electrical energy as heat. This characteristic increases their efficiency and reduces energy wastage.


3. Excellent Insulation Properties: Polypropylene film possesses excellent insulation properties, making CBB capacitors reliable for applications where electrical insulation is critical. They provide a high level of safety and protection against electrical leakage.


4. Wide Frequency Response: CBB capacitors offer a wide frequency response, making them suitable for applications spanning various frequency ranges. This versatility allows them to be used for signal filtering, coupling, and bypassing purposes.


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Applications of Polypropylene Film Capacitors:

CBB capacitors find applications in diverse electronic systems, including:


1. Power Electronics: Polypropylene film capacitors are commonly used in power electronic circuits for high-power applications, such as power supplies and inverters. They assist in energy storage, voltage regulation, and noise reduction.

2. Audio Systems: CBB capacitors have a reputation for their role in audio circuits. Their low distortion and high-frequency response help deliver accurate sound reproduction and enhance the overall audio experience.

3. Motor Run Capacitors: CBB capacitors are employed as motor run capacitors to deliver an additional boost of power for starting motors and maintaining their smooth operation. They contribute to the efficient functioning of motors in a wide range of applications.

4. Lighting Solutions: With their high insulation properties, CBB capacitors play a crucial role in lighting systems. They aid in power factor correction, minimizing flickering, and extending the lifespan of lighting components.

Understanding the significance of the "CBB" code takes us into the realm of polypropylene film capacitors. These capacitors excel in high capacitance, low energy losses, excellent insulation properties, and a wide frequency response. With applications ranging from power electronics and audio systems to motor run capacitors and lighting solutions, CBB capacitors prove their versatility and reliability. The next time you encounter a capacitor marked with "CBB," you'll be equipped to appreciate its unique characteristics and make informed decisions for your electronic endeavors.


When you come across "CBB" on a capacitor, it signifies that the capacitor is a "Polypropylene Film Capacitor." As a professional manufacturer and exporter in the field, we hope this article has clarified the meaning behind "CBB" on capacitors. Understanding the significance of this code empowers users to make informed decisions when selecting the right capacitor for their applications. If you're looking for high-quality capacitors, tailored solutions, and exceptional service, we invite you to visit our website. Explore our extensive range of products and discover why we are your trusted partner in the world of capacitors.

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