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What are the different types of CBB capacitors?


CBB capacitors, also known as metallized polypropylene film capacitors, are widely used in various electronic applications due to their high reliability, stability, and performance. These capacitors are categorized into different types based on their construction, materials, and intended applications. Let's explore the various types of CBB capacitors:




1. CBB61 Capacitors:

These capacitors are primarily used in fan motors, air conditioners, and other household appliances. They are known for their self-healing properties, making them suitable for applications where continuous operation is essential. CBB61 capacitors are commonly used in motor run and motor start applications.

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2. CBB60 Capacitors:

Similar to CBB61, CBB60 capacitors are used in single-phase motors, especially in pumps and other machinery. These capacitors are designed for continuous duty and provide reliable performance in motor start and run circuits.


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3. CBB65 Capacitors:

These capacitors are specifically designed for applications in air conditioning systems, compressors, and refrigeration units. They offer high insulation resistance and excellent self-healing characteristics, ensuring stable and efficient operation even under challenging conditions.


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4. CBB80 Capacitors:

Used in high-frequency and high-current circuits, CBB80 capacitors are capable of handling rapid voltage changes and high temperatures. They find applications in power supplies, inverters, and other electronic devices where stability and performance at high frequencies are crucial.


5. CBB81 Capacitors:

Known for their low loss and high insulation resistance, CBB81 capacitors are utilized in resonant circuits, audio equipment, and high-frequency applications. They offer excellent frequency characteristics and are suitable for precision electronic systems.


6. CBB82 Capacitors:

These capacitors are designed for DC-link and DC filtering applications in power electronics, such as inverters, converters, and motor drives. They provide low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) and high ripple current capability, ensuring efficient energy transfer and filtering.


7. CBB91 Capacitors:

Primarily used in AC circuits, CBB91 capacitors offer stable capacitance and low dissipation factor. They find applications in power factor correction (PFC) circuits, providing improved efficiency and reduced harmonic distortion in electrical systems.


When selecting a CBB capacitor for a specific application, factors like voltage ratings, capacitance values, temperature stability, and environmental conditions must be considered. Each type of CBB capacitor has its unique characteristics and suitability for different electronic circuits and systems.


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