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What type of capacitor is CBB60?


When it comes to AC applications, the CBB60 capacitor shines as a dependable component. Designed for use in single-phase induction motors, this cylindrical-shaped film capacitor offers exceptional performance and reliability. CBB60 capacitors are typically used for motor starting and motor running applications. 


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What's the CBB60 Capacitor?


The CBB60 capacitor belongs to the family of film capacitors, known for their superior electrical properties.

It consists of two metalized film layers sandwiched between a dielectric material, enclosed within a durable plastic or metal case.

With its self-healing capability, the CBB60 capacitor automatically repairs small punctures or breakdowns, ensuring continual operation.

Applications of CBB60 Capacitors


The primary application of CBB60 capacitors lies in single-phase induction motors, where they play a crucial role in motor starting and running operations.

These capacitors improve power factor correction, enabling motors to draw optimal power from the electrical system.

By streamlining power consumption, CBB60 capacitors contribute to energy efficiency and cost savings.

Key Features of CBB60 Capacitors


Compact Size: CBB60 capacitors are designed to occupy minimal space, making them suitable for installations with limited room.

High Insulation Resistance: They possess excellent insulation properties, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

Low Dissipation Factor: CBB60 capacitors minimize energy losses, enhancing the overall efficiency of the system.

Wide Temperature Range: These capacitors can handle varying temperature conditions without compromising their performance.


In the realm of AC applications, the CBB60 capacitor has emerged as a reliable companion. Its unique design, self-healing properties, and excellent performance make it an ideal choice for single-phase induction motors. By incorporating CBB60 capacitors, electrical systems can achieve enhanced efficiency, improved power factor correction, and optimal power consumption. Whether you're an engineer or an enthusiast, understanding the capabilities of CBB60 capacitors can help you harness their full potential within your electrical projects.


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